radio saves the day

My freshman year of college, in that awkward late teenage time when your music tastes are finally being carved into something worthwhile, I was lucky enough to stumble upon a friend’s copy of PJ Harvey and John Parish’s collaboration album, Dance Hall at Louse Point. While I knew PJ Harvey from her rough and sultryContinue reading “radio saves the day”

life without a wristband

It’s not so bad, doing sxsw sans wristband and/or badge. I had thought about throwing down the $180 or so for a band, which gets you second priority to all the official shows. Going band-less though can still guarantee you a good time, if you don’t mind day time shows (unofficial, and almost always free),Continue reading “life without a wristband”

dear blog, i owe you

greetings from the monday after sxsw. this is a note to say you have not been forgotten. i have a whole new respect for bloggers who can do this while partying/going/biking/seeing the whole week. today marks the official end of sxsw, emptying the streets and clearing the city of all the portapotties. i promise thatContinue reading “dear blog, i owe you”

the pains of loney fol chen family

sunshine + endless music + tacos + free + good people = my first day in austin i keep alternating between exclamations of ‘i can’t get over how beautiful it is outside!’ and ‘i can’t believe how much music is going on!’. downtown austin is like a big, sunny theme park of indy music forContinue reading “the pains of loney fol chen family”

if i could illustrate sxsw, i would

this is my suitcase, in the process of being packed for my trip to austin for sxsw. i rarely travel. and i don’t post comics as frequently as i’d like to. so i decided to try something different, and take my comic with me on my trip. i’ve never been to austin, never been toContinue reading “if i could illustrate sxsw, i would”