grad school redux

ok, ok, ok, ok, ok. those thirteen mfa programs i listed? i have some revisions. i cut two: indiana, being slightly harder to get into than purdue, got nixed. i was beginning to question my fit for u of houston’s prograqm (their foreign language rec, which u colorado also has, requires at least two yearsContinue reading “grad school redux”

you want a social life with friends

this poem got stuck in my head today. i used to have a copy of it sharpied on my refrigerator. also, i have it memorized and was known to recite it (drunk) at bars, back in the day. you want a social life with friends kenneth koch You want a social life, with friends, AContinue reading “you want a social life with friends”

this is what a literary death match champion looks like

Last night I attended my first Literary Death Match, and while it would’ve been entertaining to simply be in the audience, I was experiencing this American Idol/Double Dare-esque reading as a competitor. A few weeks earlier, the most awesome Mindy Abovitz asked me if I wanted to represent Tom Tom Magazine in a battle ofContinue reading “this is what a literary death match champion looks like”

crunch time

tomorrow is the first of september, and according to the brightly colored reminders that decorate my google calendar, that means: one month and three weeks until the GREs, and three months and one week until MFA applications are due. it is crunch time. it’s hard to look back at a summer and deem it eitherContinue reading “crunch time”