the resurrection of the good queer party

This summer I experienced something of a nightlife renaissance, clocking in more last-ones-at-the-bar/take-a-car-service-home-at-4AM kind of nights than when I was a fake-ID toting nineteen year old who thought Gloss Thursdays @ Meow Mix was the best party ever (it was). After what I feel like has been a long dry spell of parties with good,Continue reading “the resurrection of the good queer party”

SuperMachine Poetry Reading

This Friday, October 9th, at 8PM I’ll be taking a much needed break from the land of manuscripts and flashcards to read poetry as part of No, Dear magazine’s Best Of gathering, which is being hosted by SuperMachine at Outpost in Brooklyn. The above is an illustrated submission form for Super Machine Poetry. Like NoContinue reading “SuperMachine Poetry Reading”