isn’t it ironic

that kid cudi samples/riffs off of poker face in this song… …when lady gaga has said that poker face is about hooking up with a dude while actually fantasizing about being with a girl. [thanks to ep for the ‘say-what?!’ song tip off] uh, bitch magazine, can we get on this? xo, c (post script:Continue reading “isn’t it ironic”

where my girls at?

As awesome female-fueled band Renminbi noted on Twitter today, women musicians have been (sadly + unsurprisingly) absent from the Top Albums/Artists of the Decade lists that have been flying around. For kicks (and statistics), I thought I’d round up some major list makers and see what their female to male ratios were. Paste Magazine: TheContinue reading “where my girls at?”

New York Magazine, I Love You, But You’re Bringing Me and the Queer Community Down

Oh, New York Magazine. We have a long history together, don’t we? I remember the first time I really noticed you, five years ago at the New York Public Library. I did a double take when the issue that laid on the racks proclaimed an article about “trannie bois”. My queer New York was dottedContinue reading “New York Magazine, I Love You, But You’re Bringing Me and the Queer Community Down”

Care to help The Awkward Turtles rock out?

Last summer I co-coached this band with Rachel Rubino. Now, you’ve all heard me talk until I was blue in the face about how indescribably rad and talented the girls who come to rock camp are. Here, though, are the rad girls I was so lucky to watch form The Awkward Turtles over 5 daysContinue reading “Care to help The Awkward Turtles rock out?”