5 Ways That Twitter Has Been Really, Really Good To Me

One year since jumping onto the Twitter bandwagon, I have to say, it’s been really, really good to me. Yes, people wonder what could be so good about a bunch of free flowing status updates–but Twitter (as everyone who actually uses it knows) is so much more than that. Gigs, contests, networking, coincidences–here are theContinue reading “5 Ways That Twitter Has Been Really, Really Good To Me”

the view from March

So here we are, the month of letters and e-mails, phone calls, thin envelopes, apologies, and congratulations. I’ve heard from six of my twelve schools: four rejections, one acceptance, and one waitlist. The acceptance, to the University of Memphis, was the first school I heard from (O happy day). While it’s a terrific up andContinue reading “the view from March”