30 Days Til 30: Revising Glamour’s 30 Things list

In 1997, Glamour magazine published its now-well-loved list of Thirty Things Every Woman Should Have & Should Know By The Time She’s Thirty. As you might imagine, it’s chock full of materialism, sexism, stereotypes, beauty myths, and other eye-roll-worthy tidbits. This year, the entire list was expanded into a book (Maya Angelou: “Every woman shouldContinue reading “30 Days Til 30: Revising Glamour’s 30 Things list”

letters to our younger selves

Recently, a friend came across Eileen Myles’ letter to her young, queer self, part of the anthology The Letter Q: Queer Writers’ Notes to Their Younger SelvesĀ . My friend was so moved by the gesture of Eileen’s letter that she decided to invite some friends to write their own letters, and come together to shareContinue reading “letters to our younger selves”

welcome back

Oh, hey, internet. It’s been awhile. I was a little reluctant to plug back in today, after a pretty awesome month without. On the technical side, I was able to get through August with minimal e-mail checking (I had to do so more than once a week as I’d planned), no facebook, no googling (exceptContinue reading “welcome back”