if i could illustrate sxsw, i would

this is my suitcase, in the process of being packed for my trip to austin for sxsw. i rarely travel. and i don’t post comics as frequently as i’d like to. so i decided to try something different, and take my comic with me on my trip.

i’ve never been to austin, never been to sxsw. i have two weeks off of work and am going down there on a whim. i don’t work in the music industry. i’m not gonna invest in a badge or a wristband. i’m totally just going down to shake a tail feather and meet some new people.

to prepare and fully embrace my inner music-nerd, i have:
-read every sxsw schedule on the internet until my eyes bled
-found earplugs
-arranged to borrow a bike from someone through craigslist
-unearthed my shorts, suntan lotion, and toms
-signed up for twitter
-dug up every single music industry contact i could possibly network
-printed free business cards for myself
-rsvped for free shows and free parties (when i am asked to register my ‘affiliation’, i come very close to writing ‘your mother’)

some of this is ridiculous (see twitter and business cards–because everyone needs to network with a writer/bunny/office manager of a little preschool, right?), some of this is exciting (passion pit! an horse! the coathangers! little boots!), some of this includes weather that is so not pre-spring-teaser-cold-grey new york (!). i’m curious about the looks i may get, snapping photos of my bunny alter-ego while busting a move. whatever happens, i’ll keep you posted.

Published by universalchampion

writer/teacher/lover of milkshakes. queer social countess. rock camp for girls enthusiast. brooklynite + bicyclist.

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