writing at night on the weekend = total bust.

Thursday I lived dangerously and went out on a schoolnight. Music blogger muthafunka (of Liz Feldman’s This Just Out fame) was hosting/djing a dyke takeover of legion bar in east Williamsburg. The flyer popped up on twitter here and there. What would it like to leave the internets and meet up with these people?

I met up with a friend I hadn’t seen in ages but had crossed paths again on facebook (a comment I posted about milk sparked a conversation). Leaving my house at 10pm on a weeknight to go out dancing made me feel 19 again (minus the boundless energy/naïveté about what a day on five hours of sleep would be like). The dyke takeover portion of the evening = hipster girls clustered together towards the back, near muthafunka’s laptop. Just when I had lost faith in nearly every incarnate of the lesbian dj, here is fine 80s and punk, clean remixes of mgmt, ladyhawke, with crowd pleasing deep hip hop and old soul when the dancing starts. Current and upbeat, with the great addition of her loving her gig (dancing and mouthing along with the words = it is okay to enjoy yourself), I only wished that it was a) not a schoolnight b) better attended, all of which would mean the best new thing in queer Brooklyn nightlife. Never fret: compliments before leaving lead to her comment that they might try to make the party happen again.

word count = 0

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writer/teacher/lover of milkshakes. queer social countess. rock camp for girls enthusiast. brooklynite + bicyclist.

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