grad school redux

ok, ok, ok, ok, ok. those thirteen mfa programs i listed? i have some revisions.

i cut two: indiana, being slightly harder to get into than purdue, got nixed.

i was beginning to question my fit for u of houston’s prograqm (their foreign language rec, which u colorado also has, requires at least two years of college level foreign language. my two semester stint in Spanish wouldn’t seem to cut it.) of the two schools with language recs, u colorado has a more viable acceptance rate, so i’m keeping colorado, and cutting houston (fantasies of peeking in on nick flynn’s office hours can float away).

and at the prompting of one of my old writing professors, i revisited hunter college’s program (how could i not put at least one new york school on my list?) and am throwing my hat into their ring.

here we go again. the 12 programs i’m applying to are:

ut austin


u minnesota

u alabama

u arkansas

unc wilmington


u colorado

u kansas

u florida

u memphis


there. settled. next week i’ll be delivering letter of recommendation materials to two of my gracious recommenders, and that will seal the deal. meanwhile: the gres are in one month (!) next week i’ll be requesting transcripts from my undergraduate and graduate programs (lest we forget that i already have a masters in urban education). statement of purpose drafts have already started dancing around my googledocs. and the writing sample? that hefty tipper of my mfa fate? i’m going against tom kealey’s advice and trying to crank out something new (i know, i know, i know, i know), while also revising some already polished pieces that i’m considering. i’m pretty sure october and november are going to be the craziest months of my life.

xo, c

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