pep talk

Dear Courtney of November 2013, Hi. This is Future Courtney. I can’t quote exactly when/where I’m writing from, but I wanted to drop you a line. You’re five days into this month and have received rejection notes from three literary magazines, one residency, and one grant. Rough. You’re a really good cheerleader. I watch youContinue reading “pep talk”


When the Postmasters Podcast introduced me as “Brooklyn essayist Courtney Gillette,” I straight up swooned. Postmasters is a new podcast put together by the fabulous writers Audrey Camp and Lacy Mayberry. We crossed paths at Lesley, and they gave me the honor of being their first interview for their podcast about life after the MFA.Continue reading “postmasters”

the view from my desk

Greetings from the first sunny day here in the office in my apartment! Our skylight was covered with garbage bags for much of the winter, but here in the advent of spring, the bags have been removed and the light pours in! My biggest news is that this summer I’ll be starting at Lesley UniversityContinue reading “the view from my desk”

on blogs, book reviews, and pie

another autumn, another busy season. here’s a short list of what i’ve been up to: * i’ve started blogging for afterellen. lesbian pop culture coverage, be still my heart! * my review of the dark novella cut away is up on lambda literary * i’ve decided to throw my hat into the ring for justContinue reading “on blogs, book reviews, and pie”

the view from March

So here we are, the month of letters and e-mails, phone calls, thin envelopes, apologies, and congratulations. I’ve heard from six of my twelve schools: four rejections, one acceptance, and one waitlist. The acceptance, to the University of Memphis, was the first school I heard from (O happy day). While it’s a terrific up andContinue reading “the view from March”

grad school redux

ok, ok, ok, ok, ok. those thirteen mfa programs i listed? i have some revisions. i cut two: indiana, being slightly harder to get into than purdue, got nixed. i was beginning to question my fit for u of houston’s prograqm (their foreign language rec, which u colorado also has, requires at least two yearsContinue reading “grad school redux”