the resurrection of the good queer party

This summer I experienced something of a nightlife renaissance, clocking in more last-ones-at-the-bar/take-a-car-service-home-at-4AM kind of nights than when I was a fake-ID toting nineteen year old who thought Gloss Thursdays @ Meow Mix was the best party ever (it was).

After what I feel like has been a long dry spell of parties with good, queer dancing (how many more times could we really try and dance when DJ BK Brewster played Footloose at Cattyshack?), in the past year, mixed queer parties that boast incredible DJs have been popping up everywhere.

(rumours party image via marisa suarez-orozco)
(rumours party image via marisa suarez-orozco)

I interviewed DJ Tikka Masala about That’s My Jam, and DJ Marimacha of the recently minted Rumours for The Queerist for the skinny on how these rad queer dance parties came. You can check out the piece here. And hopefully, once the GREs are said and done (…so….close) I can go out and shake a tail feather til the wee hours, and bask in this queer party movement.

xo, c

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