Sweets Did It: $350 raised for hurricane relief effort

It all happened out of my tiny Bed Stuy kitchen, with the love, support and sweet tooths (sweet teeth?) of so many awesome friends and family! Two apple pies, two pumpkin pies, two flourless chocolate cakes, 45 salted fudge brownies, and 96 dark chocolate chunk oatmeal cookies. My kitchen aid stand mixer got a realContinue reading “Sweets Did It: $350 raised for hurricane relief effort”

the view from March

So here we are, the month of letters and e-mails, phone calls, thin envelopes, apologies, and congratulations. I’ve heard from six of my twelve schools: four rejections, one acceptance, and one waitlist. The acceptance, to the University of Memphis, was the first school I heard from (O happy day). While it’s a terrific up andContinue reading “the view from March”

New York Magazine, I Love You, But You’re Bringing Me and the Queer Community Down

Oh, New York Magazine. We have a long history together, don’t we? I remember the first time I really noticed you, five years ago at the New York Public Library. I did a double take when the issue that laid on the racks proclaimed an article about “trannie bois”. My queer New York was dottedContinue reading “New York Magazine, I Love You, But You’re Bringing Me and the Queer Community Down”

the resurrection of the good queer party

This summer I experienced something of a nightlife renaissance, clocking in more last-ones-at-the-bar/take-a-car-service-home-at-4AM kind of nights than when I was a fake-ID toting nineteen year old who thought Gloss Thursdays @ Meow Mix was the best party ever (it was). After what I feel like has been a long dry spell of parties with good,Continue reading “the resurrection of the good queer party”