Goodbye, Internet! Hello, August!

For the fifth summer now, I’m taking the month of August off from the internet. What began as a simple week without internet has morphed into a full calendar month without any social media, nor endless links to endless articles, nor obsessive e-mail checking and general time suck. I’ve been looking forward to it allContinue reading “Goodbye, Internet! Hello, August!”

one month without internet

Starting tomorrow, I’m saying goodbye to the internet for the entire month of August. I took a one week internet detox two summers ago with great results — there’s something about unplugging that lets me refocus on the present and slow down. My plan is to only check e-mail for one hour each Sunday (unfortunatelyContinue reading “one month without internet”

What I Did On My Internet Vacation

Last week I turned off the internet for a whole week, and filled my time instead with books, bike rides, naps, writing, friends, more naps, my cat, and more television than I usually allow myself (I know, I know). All that said, never have I been happier to see the friendly arch of bars onContinue reading “What I Did On My Internet Vacation”

Get Off The Internet: My One Week Detox

Starting August 1st, I’m taking a seven day self-imposed internet detox. This will be a mash-up of what I’ve seen some bloggers do, plus my own experiences when I’ve unplugged myself and reaped the benefits. I’m one of those people who often has ten or more tabs open–Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Google Docs, Google Cal, TeuxDeux,Continue reading “Get Off The Internet: My One Week Detox”

5 Ways That Twitter Has Been Really, Really Good To Me

One year since jumping onto the Twitter bandwagon, I have to say, it’s been really, really good to me. Yes, people wonder what could be so good about a bunch of free flowing status updates–but Twitter (as everyone who actually uses it knows) is so much more than that. Gigs, contests, networking, coincidences–here are theContinue reading “5 Ways That Twitter Has Been Really, Really Good To Me”