Sweets Did It: $350 raised for hurricane relief effort

It all happened out of my tiny Bed Stuy kitchen, with the love, support and sweet tooths (sweet teeth?) of so many awesome friends and family! Two apple pies, two pumpkin pies, two flourless chocolate cakes, 45 salted fudge brownies, and 96 dark chocolate chunk oatmeal cookies. My kitchen aid stand mixer got a realContinue reading “Sweets Did It: $350 raised for hurricane relief effort”

What I Did On My Internet Vacation

Last week I turned off the internet for a whole week, and filled my time instead with books, bike rides, naps, writing, friends, more naps, my cat, and more television than I usually allow myself (I know, I know). All that said, never have I been happier to see the friendly arch of bars onContinue reading “What I Did On My Internet Vacation”

you want a social life with friends

this poem got stuck in my head today. i used to have a copy of it sharpied on my refrigerator. also, i have it memorized and was known to recite it (drunk) at bars, back in the day. you want a social life with friends kenneth koch You want a social life, with friends, AContinue reading “you want a social life with friends”