The Absurdity of Student Loan Debt (Medium)

Three Lesbian Sex Positions (Tin House)

How To Fall In Love With The How To Essay (Electric Literature)

Guest, Minorities in Publishing podcast Episode 29: Live at the HiFi Reading Series  (33:00 minute mark)

Guest, Our Unwritten Books podcast  (17:40 minute mark)

The Origin Stories of Twenty One Indie Presses (Lit Hub)

Interview with Carrie Brownstein for Lambda Literary

Contributor, The Fix

When A Lesbian Gets Sober (BuzzFeed)

Paying Me To Go Away: Crowdfunding A Writer’s Residency (The Billfold)

Winner, Gertrude Press Prose Contest for “Love for the Bomb,” Gertrude (Issue 22)

Literary Mothers: Courtney Gillette on Maggie Estep

Interview with Emma Donoghue for Lambda Literary, Slate

Featured Prose Writer in Issue Four of ARDOR Literary Magazine

“How To Like Girls” selected by A.M. Homes to appear in The Masters Review

Guest on The Postmasters Podcast Episode 1: Writing, Identity & Sexuality: A Dialogue with Essayist Courtney Gillette [listen here]

Associate EditorLambda Literary Review (lambdaliterary.org)

Never Have I Ever, Truth And Dare, edited by Liz Miles (Running Press Kids 2011) [Buy it from an indie bookstore!]

O.K., The Full Spectrum: A New Generation of Writing About Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning and Other Identities, edited by David Levithan and Billy Merell (Knopf 2006) [Buy it from an indie bookstore!]

“You Want A Social Life With Friends” short-listed for PRISM International’s Nonfiction Contest, 2012

Sober for the Holidays: How It Changed My New Year’s, and My Life (Huffington Post)

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