When the Postmasters Podcast introduced me as “Brooklyn essayist Courtney Gillette,” I straight up swooned. Postmasters is a new podcast put together by the fabulous writers Audrey Camp and Lacy Mayberry. We crossed paths at Lesley, and they gave me the honor of being their first interview for their podcast about life after the MFA.Continue reading “postmasters”

that’s my cat

If you enter the phrase “when to put” into Google, the first suggestion that appears is When To Put Your Cat to Sleep. The suggestion is followed by: When To Put Your Dog To Sleep, When To Put A Child In A Booster Seat, and When To Put In A Baby In A Toddler Bed.Continue reading “that’s my cat”

you’re wondering if I’m lonely: thoughts on what it means to lose Adrienne Rich

When I was twenty four, I had a crush on an older woman who was a writer, and late in August in the summer of our courtship, she wrote an email to me which simply said, “I just found out that Grace Paley died and all I want to do today is cry for her.”Continue reading “you’re wondering if I’m lonely: thoughts on what it means to lose Adrienne Rich”

on blogs, book reviews, and pie

another autumn, another busy season. here’s a short list of what i’ve been up to: * i’ve started blogging for afterellen. lesbian pop culture coverage, be still my heart! * my review of the dark novella cut away is up on lambda literary * i’ve decided to throw my hat into the ring for justContinue reading “on blogs, book reviews, and pie”