on blogs, book reviews, and pie

another autumn, another busy season. here’s a short list of what i’ve been up to:

* i’ve started blogging for afterellen. lesbian pop culture coverage, be still my heart!

* my review of the dark novella cut away is up on lambda literary

* i’ve decided to throw my hat into the ring for just a few mfa programs (for those who are curious: rutgers, city college, iowa nfp, lesley, fairleigh dickinson.) let it be said that it is SO MUCH EASIER to apply to graduate school after the first go ’round. screw you, gres! take that, transcript hell! i could ask for letters of recommendation in my sleep!

* i’m taking the nanowrimo plunge this month. just to keep things interesting. please note that i have a) never written a novel and b) have so many other things to do this month. but thirty days and nights of literary abandon? count me in!

* the deep dish pumpkin pie is back at birdbath/city bakery. BRING. IT. ON.

Published by universalchampion

writer/teacher/lover of milkshakes. queer social countess. rock camp for girls enthusiast. brooklynite + bicyclist.

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