the view from my desk

Greetings from the first sunny day here in the office in my apartment! Our skylight was covered with garbage bags for much of the winter, but here in the advent of spring, the bags have been removed and the light pours in! My biggest news is that this summer I’ll be starting at Lesley UniversityContinue reading “the view from my desk”

on blogs, book reviews, and pie

another autumn, another busy season. here’s a short list of what i’ve been up to: * i’ve started blogging for afterellen. lesbian pop culture coverage, be still my heart! * my review of the dark novella cut away is up on lambda literary * i’ve decided to throw my hat into the ring for justContinue reading “on blogs, book reviews, and pie”

the waiting game

Today I finished the last piece of the MFA application puzzle, and mailed off my Graduate Assistantship Application to the University of Memphis (lovingly due Feb. 15th, so I had some breathing room). This has to be the eighth or ninth time I’ve gone to the post office on Church and Vesey on my lunchContinue reading “the waiting game”